Other Services

Tarot, Oracle and Bone Reading:

Have a question you need answered? Or maybe you’d just like some general guidance on your path? What does 2021 have in store for you?  Let’s take a look together!

Cost: $50 per 1/2 hour



Sacred Ritual:

The performance of ritual or ceremony is a powerful tool both for releasing what does not serve us and for creating or accepting what does serve us. I can help you create and perform a unique ritual or ceremony to release emotional/spiritual blockages, to create vows, promises and affirmations of transformation and power, to mark rites of passage in your life, or for any other reason you might come up with. These rituals can be alone or with a group, and based in any spiritual belief system that you choose.

Minimum $100 consultation and ritual outline development, additional costs depending on what is needed, who is participating, and whether I am leading the ritual or only helping you design it. This requires at least a phone conversation to determine your needs and what the costs will be.


Spiritual Counseling:

I am a Wiccan High Priestess. I have many years of working with, and counseling people in finding or maneuvering down their chosen spiritual path. A spiritual path is just that – spiritual. It is not about religion. Whatever religion you practice, I can be of service to you in helping you find the answers you seek and in living your life according to the principles and beliefs you have chosen to be guided by. Connection to the divine brings harmony to our purpose, joy to our hearts, and wonder to our lives.

Cost: $25/hour sliding scale


Home and business:

I perform home and office energetic cleansings, blessings and feng shui analysis.

An energetic cleansing for a home or business space could include a variety of different techniques,
depending on the type of energy or entity which needs to be removed. I have been successful in removing built up emotional dross, elemental disturbances, spirits and other types of entities from a space. In case of a more severe haunting, I may bring a team of my trained associates with me.

This is not a diagnosis or paranormal investigation. This is a cleansing process, removing all that does not belong in the location, or that is/are harming those living or working in the location.

For space Blessings, I will use the four elemental powers, air, fire, water and earth to cleanse the space with incense and then healing waters and herbs. I will anoint all doorways and windows with oil to create an energetic barrier to ill will and spirit entities; bells or singing bowls may be employed to set harmonious energy into the space; verbal blessings or chanting may be employed depending on the client’s needs and preferences, wards may be set, and feng shui options may be discussed as a way of altering the layout and design of a space and it’s contents to bring about the desired environment of it’s occupants. Any or all of these techniques may be applied, according to the client’s needs, we will discuss and create a plan together.

Home blessing cost: $50/hour plus materials fee

Home cleansing $50/hour plus materials fee if I come alone. If there is a substantial haunting, I may bring my coven, that charge is a minimum of $200/plus materials. We never know exactly what is needed until we get into a space and see what’s there; and we might be there 2 hours or more. We can come to an agreement on fees after we have done our initial walk through and assessment. Some homes can be cleared or viewed long distance.

Feng Shui $50/hour


Communication with Ancestors:

This process involves a deep meditation wherein I will take you to meet and visit with your ancestors. There are a few different ways to accomplish this, and we will decide together which modality suits your needs best at the time. This is NOT a spirit reading or a ghost encounter.

Cost: $140/hour




Akashic Records Retrieval

The Akashic records exist on the astral planes and contain the life records of all beings, for all lifetimes. I can lead you on a journey to the Akashic Library to view your personal records.

Cost: $100/hour