Healing Services

Energy Healing

Energy Healing: I have been perfecting and practicing my style of energy healing for close to 10 years. I look into the body and both see and feel where there is pain, fatigue, stuck energy or accumulation of heat, emotional trauma which has rooted itself within the body and areas of the body that may just need energetic support. I heal those areas using light energy (chi, prana, divine light) through my hands. I also incorporate crystals and wands, incense, cleansing sprays and oils, sound vibration and breath work. My intention is to bring energy and circulation to the body, release of pain and a greater sense of internal balance and harmony.

Cost: $100/hour


Emotional Healing and Release:

Our thoughts turn into emotion, and emotion leads the body to either strength or disease. Accumulated emotions from traumatic experiences may embed themselves within the body. Using similar techniques as outlined above, these emotions can be coaxed out of hiding and brought to the surface, where they can be either removed or flushed from the body.

Cost: $75/hour


Past Life Regression:

Many times we find ourselves engaging in activities, behaviors and beliefs that do not serve us, or that we regret. We engage in these activities over and over again, yet we don’t know why. Certain responses and emotions seem programmed or out of our control, inappropriate for the situation at hand. This can be a sign of a past life memory effecting your behavior in this lifetime. During the regression process I will guide and support you through a deep meditation, as you seek answers to your questions or relief from a specific struggle or circumstance recurring in your life.

Cost: $100/session


Soul Retrieval:

As a result of traumatic events or deep physical/emotional wounding, sometimes a piece of our soul shreds or breaks off to avoid experiencing this trauma. It moves off into the astral and hides in isolation, leaving our soul incomplete and fragmented. Retrieving these lost pieces of soul is deep meditative work using Shamanic techniques. With the assistance of your power animal, or mine, I assist you in your journey to find those lost pieces. I will guide you in the process of reintegrating the lost fragment back into your soul, bringing relief from unknown longings, doubts and fears, while enlivening and reintegrating the soul as it moves towards completeness.

Cost: $100/session


Personal Cleansing: Chakra and Aura System

I will cleanse the energy body, the aura and the chakras of debris, attachments and cords. If desired, I can teach you how to continue to do this process for yourself. In my opinion, personal energetic cleansing is the most important thing a person can do for their continued well being, second only to a regular meditation practice. We walk around in a polluted world, physically, emotionally and psychically, and our bodies collect that debris from our own emotions and experiences, as well as from exposure to others and energetically contaminated environments. Cleansing is not something you do once and forget about, it needs to be a regular practice.

Cost: $100/hour

Training for cleansing: $75/hour


Lineal/Ancestral Healing

Healing Family Lineage Trauma

“Oh what a beautiful baby!” This is what is said as family and friends look upon the face of a newborn child. But no one says anything about the two giant bags that came into the world with this precious new arrival: bag 1) the trauma and subconscious memory of 10s or even 100s of past lives, and 2) the inherited trauma, subconscious memory and actual memory of the child’s family’s history. The story below illustrates perfectly the necessity for EVERY SINGLE PERSON to engage in healing family lineage trauma. The skeletons of the past move forward in time, generation to generation. This might feel like a deep sorrow, or an unyielding anger, that you can’t seem to shake, when your life seems to be going really well. This might occur as an immediate, visceral reaction to being in a certain place (positive of negative), or a deep fear or prejudice towards a particular race, or people who “look a certain way,” when you have no real experience with that person or with anyone from that race. It can feel like a constant state of unrest and agitation, looking over the shoulder and never feeling safe. These fears and reactions are not yours, they hitched a ride in your dna, through the memory held in your family’s bloodline. During a healing session, the energetic lineage, and the memory of that trauma is disconnected so that it does not move forward in the line. There is opportunity to do healing for your ancestors, finding forgiveness for them, giving them the opportunity to be heard – sometimes for the first time, and disconnecting that trauma for them as well.

Blessings from our ancestors
When connecting with our ancestors they may have wisdom to share with us. Lessons learned in their life time, that they wish to pass on. I have found, that in most cases, they are very receptive to our request, and we can gather those blessings and that wisdom and bring it back with us. This work can be done separate, or sometimes, as part of the above Family Lineage Healing.

Read more about ancestral healing in this article by Vladimir Yakovlev (son of the popular editor of Moscow Novosti Egor Yakovlev), 2021

Cost: $100/hour


This type of healing work is often very intense and can lead to profound emotional, physical and spiritual transformation. Transformation is the reason for life. We are not here to simply go through the actions of growing up, finding a job, procreating, aging and then dying. Our purpose here, is to evolve, to grow and expand ourselves intellectually and spiritually, to transform into something greater than we just were. This kind of intense personal work requires, time, energy and commitment.

Following this work, you will also require time to integrate new changes, to let things settle and harmonize. I will provide a personal protocol for this “afterwards” work.