Welcome ~

I have been perfecting and practicing my style of energy healing for close to 10 years. I look into the body and both see and feel where there is pain, fatigue, stuck energy or accumulation of heat, emotional trauma which has rooted itself within the body and areas of the body that may just need energetic support. I heal those areas using light energy (chi, prana, divine light) through my hands. I also incorporate crystals and wands, incense, cleansing sprays and oils, sound vibration and breath work. My intention is to bring energy and circulation to the body, release pain and provide a greater sense of internal balance and harmony.

I am an Energy Healer, a psychic intuitive – able to see or feel the source of physical or emotional ailments, and I am a sensitive – which makes me very aware of the environment around me and the energies that people walk around with. I am here to help lessen your burden, and to help you move forward in life, according to your desires and at your own pace. I am not here to see you in my office every week. I am here to do the work that I am trained to do, the work that you may not be able to do for yourself, and then to teach you how to maintain your new transformed body, mind and spirit. I am a teacher.


I have spent over 30 years working on my own spiritual growth and transformation; experiencing my own pain and fear; and revealing my own shadow and weakness. Throughout my own process of healing and transformation, I have learned from the skill and kindness of many other healers. I have traveled the underworld, the spiritual realms, and the astral planes seeking healing, knowledge and transformation, which has brought me to a place of personal power and internal peace. I have been sharing my healing work with others for more than 10 years now.

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My path is deeply sacred, and my spirituality governs all parts of my life, as I have claimed this work as not only my path but my purpose. My connection to deity guides me and my connection to the sacred earth sustains me.

May I be of service to you.